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want to lend hand-hewn color goodness to your interior or exterior spaces? solid cement tiles from UbinKeraton grant any surface a variegated color range from tile to tile.
WARNING- if you are expecting perfection- then these tiles ARE NOT for you. in any singular color you must expect each and every tile to be lighter, darker, less or more intensely hued. 
but if your space requires a big dose of MAGIC- look no further than the chic, cool, wabi-sabi affect that can only be derived from solid cement tiles. this is due to the natural properties of the cement enlivened by the earthen nuances of the pigments. this combination imparts a hypnotic finish unique to solid cement tiles. 
the UbinKeraton color palette offers more than 65 colors. you can select from a single color or create a blend using any of these colors to produce your own signature look.

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